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1. What is Slate? How is it formed?

Slate is a sedimentary rock. It is formed after long periods of weathering of stones. The fine sediment is carried to a lake bottom after which these fine sedimentary deposits become buried and then subjected to movement, heat and pressure beneath the surface of the earth. The consequent 'metamorphism' resulted in the formation of slate. Different slates from around the world are of different ages. They are still not young but the range is considerable:

o 500 million years old
o 300 million years old
o 150 million years old

As with some wines - the older the slate, the higher the quality and durability. Our slates are among the oldest in the world!

2. Does our slate fade in colour? Is it weather resistant?

No, our slate is non-fading – it will not rust, it will not change colour. We guarantee that the slate will not fade or crack under normal conditions. Slate is the ideal material for a house sign.

3. What type of “colour inlay” or paint do we use?

All of our paints are rated for 20 years of exterior use.

4. Will the paint peel or fade?

There will be some oxidation of the metallic paints after a period of time, however, we guarantee that the paint will not peel. If there is any peeling of the sign we will replace it free of charge.

5. Are the Screw Cap covers durable?

All of the screw cap covers are non-corrosive. Likewise the screws for attaching the sign are stainless steel and will not rust. If there is any problem they will be replaced at no cost.

6. Can I specify different size fonts; different colour inlays, or use the Filigris designs on different shapes?

o You can choose any options as outlined on the order page.
o The Filigris design can be used in conjunction with the inner line.
o Address lines are not available in the vertical or round shapes.
o You can have upper or lower case lettering. What you choose on your sign will be exactly how we print it. 

7. What happens if I’m unsure about how the text will fit?

We do not restrict the number of characters that can be put on a line, however, keep in mind, the more letters or numbers that are included the smaller they will be.

8. What are the shipping costs?  

We have established a flat rate shipping fee which is $25 via Canada Post. This a traceable service.

9. How long does it take for the sign to arrive?

Please allow at least 3 weeks for delivery.  Delivery times will not exceed 6 weeks unless a product is back ordered.  Should this occur, you will be contacted by our customer service department to find an appropriate solution. 

10. Do you offer rush service if needed?

Yes, we can ship the sign(s) via courier service. Extra charges apply.

11. What is your refund policy if I do not like my sign?

Once you have accepted our terms and conditions upon ordering, you cannot change or cancel your purchase. If there is an input error that has occurred during production / artwork e.g. wrong colour slate, wrong colour inlay as a result of our misdoing – the house sign will be replaced free of charge and shipped to you at our expense.

12. What are the black or green markings in the slate? What causes bubbles or ridge looking lines through the slate?

As slate is a natural stone it is not perfect. In burgundy color slate you may see some small green flecks and in green slate there can be small black markings. This is pyrite (a harder mineral found in the piece of stone) better known as “fools gold”. These markings are completely natural and in most cases cannot be avoided. As well, in the sand blasted areas (imprinted area) there may be a line or raised areas (may look like paint bubbles but it is not); this is also pyrite that is unable to be penetrated by the sandblasting technique. When the stone is sandblasted this harder surface will not be completely smooth. All of these special characteristics of slate add to its uniqueness and show that it is a completely natural and environmentally friendly product. Due to the fact of the above-mentioned are naturally occurring blemishes, Images in Slate will not offer refunds on signs based on these complaints. 

13. Can a sign be imprinted on both sides?

Yes. There is an additional fee of $25.00 for this service. Please note that the opposite side of the sign will not be exactly the same. One side will have a rustic trimmed edge and the other side will be smoother. Please make note in our special requests/notes section when ordering and we will call to get payment for additional charges.

14. Can there be a logo or image put on the sign?

Yes. If this is a custom logo there is an artwork charge of $65.00 + a set-up fee of $40.00. If the customer wishes to have one of our standard retail images inserted on a sign there is an extra fee of $25.00. Please make note in our special requests/notes section when ordering and we will call to get payment for additional charges.

15. Can the screw holes be put in a different place on the house sign?

Yes. Please indicate this in writing in the special requests/note section. Also, if you do not require any holes please make a note of this. Please be advised, that when hanging a house sign using a chain, it is advisable to put grommets or something similar to protect and minimize friction on the slate. You can also attach the house sign to a wooden backing and then hang it from the wooden frame. Grommets can be found at your local hardware store. They normally come in 3/8” size. Please request for holes to be drilled at 3/8” if you wish to use this method. You may also use the standard size hole and put hard plastic on the inside of the holes or mount the house sign on a wooden frame. Although many people do hang their signs, our house signs are designed for mounting. We will not be responsible for any house sign that is broken as a result of hanging from a chain or other fixture.

16. Can the house signs be mounted on vinyl siding?

Yes. This is one of the most common applications. The sign will just screw into the sheeting behind the siding.
Click here for mounting instructions

17. What kind of screw is provided?

Two 2 ½” stainless steel wood screws provided with each sign.

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